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  At JF Chosen, we are dedicated to providing high quality English language instruction at a reasonable value in a friendly and welcoming setting.

   Our goal is to help students improve their English communication, spoken, written as well as listening abilities for academic success, career advancement, and everyday social and practical purposes. We also strive to foster global communication and cross-cultural understanding.

Our Vision

JF Chosen Educational Center seeks to be a leading centre for the teaching of English language and communication skills within our realm.

Business English

  This section is created to enlighten both the Working-Class and those intend setting up their personal businesses within and out of their domains. The Business English course segment comprises of the following subjects: Commerce, Economics, Financial Accounting, Social English as well as supplement of General English.


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Our Mission
Our mission is to endeavor to offer students with the linguistic skills essential to fruitfully participate and excel amongst others

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Our Private Lessons boil down to your specific needs. Practice conversation, build vocabulary, improve writing skills or perfect your grammar - whatever you prefer. As a private student, you work with the teacher to make the best use of your time.